15th, September, 2019.

7:43 AM

Athirumpuzha Church.

I have been trying to write this for a few months now, but could never find the right place or state of mind to do it. I guess its ironical that I happen to sit out side the 1st play school that I ever went to. I was all of 24 months old when I started going to this play school. The sand pit here and someone throwing sand in my eyes is probably one of my oldest memories.

I was sent to school because my younger brother Jose was born in April, 1993 and I happened to come to Athirumpuzha with my mom.

I have always believed that I have to do something great. I firmly believed I was put in this world to do something larger than me.

I recently came back from Dubai with no plans. Like actually forget plans, I didn’t even have a direction of where I was going next or what I was going to do each day. I had kind of completely cut out money from this equation mid august and been living on credit I get from shops near my house. I sometimes used Kappo as barter, but soon realised that people prefer to write the amount I owed rather than take chips in lieu of the food and smokes I brought.

I often left home with the Rs.100 sent by mom or the new member in our house hold, Reenu Chechi. My elder brother had recently got married and he had left to sail again. My younger brother went back to Italy after the wedding and I seemed like the only one not doing anything. I am pretty sure it bothered my parents that I was not doing anything.

I have been thinking what I should try doing next. Go back to work or was it finally time for me to do the start-up I have been dreaming of doing since I graduated college and knew that people didn’t really need the experience older generations thought we needed before trying to do something on our own. I wanted so badly to do something that had more impact. To do something or build something that was bigger than a nine-to-five.

Something that was inmdb.

I have been thinking of starting a bank in India. One that really made life easier for people and with how the government has been acting with money, make savings safer. The Indian government has been playing fast and loose with monetary policies like it is something they can change at will or print as and when they want it. Indian rupee is set to experience hyper inflation like how the Argentines had to deal with Pesos.

There was this peculiar technology that I have long been a believer of that could help people keep their savings safe. This obscure technology was called Bitcoin and the underlying technology blockchain has been making waves across the financial circles around the world.

The people (or person) who had created this new technology were anonymous, but the idea was simple: While you needed dollars to buy things in America, pounds in England, yen in Japan, or. rupees in India, this new Bitcoin currency was meant to be used all around the world and specifically on the Internet. And just like cash, it was untraceable. To get some Bitcoins, you could exchange them online in the same way you could go to the airport and exchange dollars for euros.

Social + Tech = Impact